grandstream phonesIf you are planning to purchase a VOIP phone system, or have one now that may be causing you problems,  let’s talk about that.  Many companies are aggressively marketing host-based  VOIP phone systems.  One of their major selling points is that you don’t need to add “expensive wiring” and you can just plug your computer into your phone.  This is not the best idea. It can lead to poor voice quality, dropped calls, and can also slow down your network during the busiest times of the day.  Especially since the high-speed internet on Maui is far from world-class as it is. And, to make matters worse, you can be stuck in a 3 to 5 year contract with enormous Early Termination Fees if you are unhappy with the quality.  I am not a fan of these systems, but it is well worth scheduling a site survey to make sure that the wiring is not, or will not, cause you problems. It is imperative that you have a cat5e or cat6 cable for your phone AND your computer.  Call me for a survey and a wiring quote.  572-2422