Business Phone & Voice Mail Systems — Digital

I recommend the NEC SL2100  hybrid digital/VoIP phone system and the NEC InMail voice mail system.  After the demise of Nortel, the rock solid system which I have sold and installed for decades,  I have tried quite a few systems and they all had problems that I did not want to pass on to my customers.  This system fits the bill.  It is affordable, flexible, easy to install, program and use.  And it’s comforting to know that NEC has been around since 1899!!  I have an abundance of training, documentation, and tech support at my fingertips, and that’s a beautiful thing!  The basic system package comes configured for 3 lines, 8 digital phones, and 2 analog devices, and a 2 port InMail voice mail system.  The phones come in 12 or 24 button easy to use models.  If you need to add phones for remote users, the system comes with 8 VoIP channels for VoIP phones.  It is expandable by adding additional phones, cards or expansion cabinets.  Whether your communication needs are simple or complicated, the NEC SL2100 phone system will do the job.

So when you are ready to talk about your options for a new business phone system for your office, let’s sit down and figure out just what you and your staff will need to communicate efficiently.  I just need to know how many phone lines you have, how many phones you need, and if you need a voice mail system with an Auto Attendant and individual mailboxes. I can also install the wiring for your phones and computers, sell you the systems, and take care of any programming, moves, adds, or changes you will have in the future.  Call me today!!  572-2422

1100001 - SL1100 Basic Digital System Kit-4x8x4 (2)