Home Phone

Yeah, yeah, I know;  NOBODY has land lines anymore.  EVERYBODY has cell phones.  NOT TRUE!!  There are still plenty of land lines out there and plenty of things that can go wrong with them.  Especially here on Maui where there is so much humidity.  Corrosion is one of the main reasons your home phone line has all that static, rings those short little half rings, or maybe just a half a ring and that’s it.  You may think that those phone jacks you don’t use anymore can no longer be an issue now that you have all those cordless phones.  But if you had 20 phone jacks and only one of them is compromised; it can and will affect the whole system.  There are also miles and miles of wiring out there that may have been installed decades ago and it is just finally time to replace it.  I can troubleshoot and repair these problems for you.  I can also add wiring for new jacks you might need, help you plug in all those cords, or just organize them for you.  If that ugly tangled mess of wires outside (or inside) makes you nervous knowing your whole system is dependent on it, Call Me.  I can help.

I can also  consult with you on running some new heavy duty phone wire through the jungle after your old wire has been weed-whacked, lawn-mowed, chewed by rats, ran over, etc., just one too many times.  I stock wire for this purpose  and can get you up and running again so you can get reliable phone and internet. As you know, the phone company only services to a certain point and then you are on your own in those more rural areas.

So call me first, before the phone company, so we can determine if the problem is on their incoming line or if it is an inside wiring problem that I can repair. But whatever the problem is, give me a call.  I can most likely be of assistance.

Existing, new construction and remodel projects welcome.