Business Phone & Voice Mail Systems “Legacy”

You don’t have to get rid of your trusted, reliable phone and voice mail system just because you need more phones and have been told you can’t get them any more. Or because you don’t know how to change your voice mail greetings!!  I see this all the time and  I can help you with your existing systems.  Often the system was installed long ago and the employees who knew how to use it or program the features are long gone.  I can train you and your staff, customize the phones and mailboxes, change those company greetings and directories that have been wrong for months or years, and get those buttons on your phones to actually work correctly. Also the phone company will tell you that since the system is discontinued, you have to buy a new one.  NOT SO!!  If it is not in your budget to upgrade at this time, don’t feel pressured to replace it. 

I have been working on Nortel systems for decades and I know there are still many in use, they last at least 20 years!  Nationally and globally the major phone companies have sold Nortel exclusively.  One of the best things about that is that most phone guys (and gals) know how to work on them, so you will not be left without support just because the phone company will no longer service them.  Think twice before buying a system that only one technician can work on.  What if the person leaves the island?  I have seen this many times.  It is good to think about what your needs really are; are they already being met but just need some tweaks or a few new parts??  I can service most brands of phone systems out there, so give me a call.

When you are shopping for a new business phone and voice mail system for your new office, let’s sit down and figure out just what you and your staff will need to communicate efficiently in your business.  I can install the wiring for your phones and computers, sell you the right business phone and voice mail system for your needs, and also troubleshoot and repair any problems you might have in the future.  Let’s get your business running smoothly from the start.  Call me now to find out how.  572-2422