VoIP Phone Systems

For Cloud based VoIP phone systems, I recommend Jive/byLogMeIn. This system is the latest and greatest technology for many industries, especially those with remote locations, or employees out in the field who need to be part of the company phone system.  It is so easy to use, on the user side and the back-end administration.  You have the opportunity to utilize a phone on your desk, Go To mobile apps on your smartphone, and a softphone on your computer screen to make and receive calls.  You choose what works best for your situation .  Your calls can ring simultaneously, or wherever you want to receive calls at any given time.

The Caller ID that shows up on outgoing calls can be determined by the administrator so your business phone number displays,  not the employee’s personal cell phone number.   It is really easy to administer auto attendants and dial plans to determine how the company’s calls are handled in every situation from any browser anytime, anywhere.  No long distance charges, send and receive e-faxes, set up meetings from your softphone or mobile device, conference bridges, voicemail to email, really flexible call routing features, and so much more.

Everything is included in a really reasonable monthly cost, per user.  You will eliminate your current phone bill, and just need to keep your internet provider charge.  There are no additional charges for additional hardware or software.  There are also some very impressive Call Accounting features that provide you with up to the minute reports of incoming call volume, call duration, call recording for training purposes, and more.  There is the option to manage all users to determine what features are allowed, and quickly remove users from the system if  they leave the company.  There really is too much to mention here.  Please contact me at 572-2422 or just go to my Contact Page and shoot me an e-mail.  I would love to do a Jive/LogMeIn sales demo with you, on site or remotely to show you the system.  Let’s connect!

If you want a system located in your office, I  recommend the YeaStar VoIP phone system and Yealink phones.  This is a great little system with many of the features of the Cloud based systems.  Such as voicemail to e-mail and one touch dial from the Auto Attendant to cell phones or other locations.  It is really reasonably priced and will have a very small footprint in your Comm Room or wiring closet.  If you have a remote location that you need to tie into your system,  we can do this just by mailing a phone and having the user plug it into their internet router.  I like these Yealink phones, they are very sturdy with a 4″ display screen with multiple screensavers and an extensive menu for customization.   If  you are interested in upgrading to a VoIP phone system, using your existing network cabling, call me at 572-2422 or go to my Contact Page and shoot me an e-mail. Of course if you need to update your cabling, I can do that for you.  This is the phone system I recommend if you want your phone system to be on site, bought and paid for, no monthly fees.