About Val

Val the Phone Gal**Meet Val the Phone Gal**

Cabling Maui phones and computers since 1995.

I am often asked how I got into this business, so here’s the story:

My little sister, Melanie, had gone to a tel-com school in Montana to learn the trade and she thought it might be something I would enjoy doing and might be good at.  She was right.  At the time, it was one of the only tel-com training schools available, if you were not associated with  “the phone company”.  They taught the basics of everything from climbing poles to central office wiring.  It was a great course and after that I picked up some formal training on different jobs, and the rest I have learned by being “thrown to the wolves”.  I also acquired some good experience working on a few good-sized jobs such as: wiring a hospital, doing the service and repair for Continental Airlines at Stapleton Airport in Denver for years, working on the crews that installed 12,000 new phone jacks at Colorado University, and I worked in the Tel-com Division at the gas & electric company in Colorado, to name a few.  I also oversaw the tele-metering project with that same utility company while Denver International Airport was under construction, before moving to Maui.  Then I started up here as Val the Phone Gal.  It has been very different here, no skyscrapers to wire, much smaller businesses, and lots of jungle jobs.  It’s a great job, so interesting and something different every day.  It’s a never-ending learning process that I really enjoy.  My Dad and brother are both Machine Maintenance guys so I must have inherited that troubleshooting and repair gene.

I love working for all my small business clients.  So many great, hard working people out there.  I have worked for them when they were starting out in home offices and then when they grew to larger office spaces and added more employees.  I have helped many to downsize to smaller offices in this economic downturn and hope to be able to see them grow again in the near future.  Unfortunately, I have lost many great clients in the downturn and hope to see them return to their businesses soon.  I also work for many non-profit agencies, doctors, lawyers, limo companies, and just about any kine business you can think of.  The residential jobs are great because I get to see so many beautiful neighborhoods all over Maui and meet such nice people while doing it.  I enjoy trying to save my customers money and finding the right solutions for their individual situations.

My favorite part about working around this beautiful island everyday?  There are no freeways!